InSIDE (Including Students with Impairments in Distance Education) is a Capacity Building in Higher Education (Erasmus+) project that aims at developing accessible, inclusive and educationally effective Distance Education (DE) programmes for individuals with Visual, Hearing and Mobility (ViHeMo) impairments through a user-centred design. DE programmes will be structured on 3 axes: a) educational material, b) DE delivery system, and c) educational effectiveness / pedagogical approaches. Eleven universities from Maghreb – 4 from Morocco, 4 from Algeria and 3 from Tunisia – will be trained by University of Macedonia (leading institution – Greece), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece) and Johannes Kepler University (Austria), and will implement the DE programmes at hand. These programmes will deliver key competences for vocational rehabilitation, and will provide opportunities for lifelong learning, skills enhancement, and personal fulfillment with the ultimate aim of suggesting an intelligent solution against the problems of limited access or high percentage of dropouts in Higher Education in individuals with impairments.

The 1st video of the InSIDE project