Tunisia: Sousse University local project meetings and dissemination activities

Sousse University has made several local project meetings about InSIDE in 2019: on 2/5, 9/7, 30/9, 30/10, and 2/12.

Indicative topics of discussion were:

  • Review of work packages and activities required from partners
  • Review of files shared after kick-off meeting
  • Examine list of equipment proposed and validation
  • Reporting on Linz meeting (Dr. Lilia Cheniti attended the meeting in Linz)
  • Working on file regarding the index template
  • Working on the process of equipment tender
  • University providing data on student with needs for accessibility and selection of persons to be involved in pilot experiences
  • Dissemination activity: working on the integration of Inside Project link and presentation on Sousse University Web site
  • Procedure of recruiting trainees and final beneficiaries
  • Working on forms for data collections
  • Discussion regarding Accessibility Office
  • Examine Progress of Inside Project activities

The Inside Project Logo, project description, and project website have been added on Sousse University’s homepage https://www.uc.rnu.tn/.

Dr. Lilia Cheniti Belcadhi, presented InSIDE project during her keynote speech, in the 7th International conference on ICT & Accessibility, December 13th, 2019, in Hammamet, Tunisia

four participants four participants